Vegetable Slicer -TRS-500

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Dito Sama TRS-500 Vegetable slicer allows you to quickly and effortlessly slice, dice, grate and chip a huge variety of ingredients. This multi-function continuous vegetable prep machine has the capability to prep up to 500kg of food every hour.
This is ideal for preparing large batches of foods in restaurants, Commercial Kitchens, schools or Age care homes.

Vegetable slicer unit has slicing, grating, shredding (julienne) as well as dicing and french fries capabilities.

Made in France

Food processors are essential equipment in the kitchen which cuts, homogenise and blend food or also as a vegetable preparation machines which prep, chop, dice, grate, mix, knead and slice food in the quick amount of time than doing those tasks by manual work. Some of the latest food processors can even achieve multiple functions.

While using a commercial food processor you can save loads of time on your restaurant’s food prep tasks whilst keep waste to a minimum by investing in a commercial food processor. Since efficiency is of the utmost importance in a profitable food service facility, it’s important to have a commercial food processor that can handle high volumes every day.

A commercial food processor offers fast and efficient chopping, slicing, blending and mixing for a wide range of foods. Many options in our inventory have interchangeable blades for better versatility, plus industrial-strength motors for consistently high performance. Explore our range today.



Vegetable Slicer

Made in France

Performance (up to): 550 – kg/hour

Suitable for 100-400 meals for table service and up to 800 meals for catering service.

Vegetable slicer unit has slicing, grating, shredding (julienne) as well as dicing and french fries capabilities.

Delivered with: [-] All stainless steel vegetable prep attachment with a lever-integrated long vegetable hopper (60mm diameter) and a large round hopper (215cm²)

Ergonomically designed for right and left-handed users, frontal working and to reduce working space around the machine.

All parts in contact with food are removable without the use of tools, stainless steel hopper, stainless steel lever and cutting chamber are dishwasher safe.

Hopper easily removed for cleaning.

Base inclined at 20° to provide easy loading and unloading.

High discharge zone permits the use of deep GN containers (up to 20cm).

Complete and wide selection of blades and grids available (diam. 205 mm).

Pulse function for precise cutting.

Magnetic safety system and motor brake. Prevents machine from running when lever swings away or is open.

Automatic restart of the machine with the 3/4 moon shaped pusher in position.

Continuous feed model.

Red OFF, green ON buttons.

Water protected planetary system (IP55 electrical controls, IP23 overall machine).

All blades (available on request) are made in stainless steel and dishwasher safe.

Power: 500 W – single or three-phase.

1 speed – 340 rpm – for precise cutting, slicing and dicing.

Compact and portable design.

Asynchronous silent industrial motor for heavy duty and longer life.

Feeding arm and hopper are made entirely in stainless steel. Aluminum motor housing.

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Dito Sama (Made in France)


216(W) x 347(D) x 412(H)mm


500KG per Hour


230V 500W Single or 3 Phase

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