Warranty Page


Warranty Procedure;

Should you have a Warranty related enquiry please contact us on;

Phone; (03) 9808 9209

Email; info@ashwoodbulk.com


New Commercial Refrigeration units are sold with a 2 Year Warranty however must comply with a minimum of 6 monthly Preventative Maintenance Servicing carried out by Ashwood Bulks parent company Adgemis Refrigeration.

Refurbished Refrigerators are sold with a 3 Month Warranty on Compressor.

Cooking and Catering Equipment are backed by a manufacturer’s 12 Month Warranty.

  • Check Power source and check if any lights or fans are on?
  • Checker Power sockets & Fuses are intact working.
  • If a Gas appliance appears faulty please check supply is switched ON
  • If refrigerated appliance appears to be warm, check the condenser ventilation is clear.
    (Refer manufacturers to Manual)
    Condensers need to be cleaned regularly otherwise warranty become void
  • Ensure Refrigerated appliances are positioned correctly.
    They should not be in direct sunlight.
                They should not be next to cooking equipment where cool air flow is restricted.

            They should not be positioned directly against a wall which restricts airflow.

  • Ensure thermostat on Refrigerator appliances is adjusted correctly.
    Turning thermostat to colder when an appliance is iced up makes the problem worse.
                Defrost the appliance then adjust the thermostat.
  • If Refrigerated equipment appears to be frozen, ensure it’s not overloaded;  blocked vents will not allow the air to freely circulate in a Refrigerator which will make the unit work harder and ice up the cooling coil.
  • If Glass & Dish Washers have drainage problems, disconnect pipes and inspect for broken glass, food scraps or plastic. This could be obstructing its drainage.

If any of above mentioned are the reason for your call beware, they are not classified as faults and are therefore not covered by Warranty.
If a fault is found to be due to any of these reasons or operator error, then a charge will be incurred for the call out and time in attendance.

If your claim is not during normal 8 – 5pm working hours 5 days a week, beware additional charges may also include Freight, Transport, Travel, Labour, Parts. Minimum call out fees $$$$$$